Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 102

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 102

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0:00 Intro and announcements

5:00 Bradley, why did you start using Google AdWords for your lead generation business?

11:00 Is using Serp Shaker still a viable approach to creating lead gen properties to rent out?

18:00 Just to clarify, the link packages on serpspace link to T1 properties only?

18:30 Project Supremacy plugin???…yes or no and why

22:00 I have my first lead gen site on the first page for one of my main keywords and I’m literally number 11 for my main keyword so I’m going to start contacting people now, very exciting but I’m also nervous. Its my first one and couldn’t of done it without you guys, especially IFTTT SEO Academy its been very powerful for my site I believe, not the only thing but huge!

What would be your advice?

26:00 How much can be rewritten and changed as far as content, sidebar or outbound links on an existing page before it does the 3 week Google dance? Will changing most of a page cause only that page to jump around or does it affect the entire site?

30:00 My site is a complex silo structure with an IFTTT brand network around it.

My confusion is on what types of anchor text to use in the posts linking back up to child category pages.

What text do you suggest for the links?

34:00 Doing keyword research on UberSuggest for an affiliate site and there are several phrases with the identical string of words except for the last word or two. The phrases are all related and mean the same thing. ie – “questions to ask a girl” “questions to ask a girl over text” “questions to ask a girl you like”. Do you make one page with these additional keywords sprinkled through the article to hopefully rank for them all or do you make a separate page for each keyword?

36:00 Same question goes for ranking videos for these keywords.

36:30 When discussing 3 pack optimization strategies everyone has a strategy “my question is” what are you doing to get consistent results that you can directly tie to your strategy keep in mind I know that there are several factors that come into play but some things have a bigger bang no silver bullets just a strategy you’re implementing that seems to give you the biggest returns.

39:00 With a blog on a sub-domain with an IFTTT syndication network that has “internal” links over to the main domain – Any recommendations for linking best practices since they are not actual Internal links?

41:00 Just have a quick question about backlinking to a google stack. Is 50 tier 2 contextuals to all of the stacks individual properties, plus 100 tier 3 to each tier 2 drip fed over 14 days be to much for 6 day old stack?

43:00 If I have a YouTube Channel with a persona based tier 1 IFTTT network attached and I want to send some tier 2 social signals to the tier one network with Syndwire…would I set Syndwire up with persona based profiles or branded profiles?

44:00 Now the same but different…Companion website to the YouTube Channel has a branded tier 1 IFTTT network attached and I want to use Syndwire to drive tier 2 social signals to my tier 1 branded IFTTT network…persona or branded profiles for the companion website Syndwire set up?

47:00 What do you do to breathe life into an expired domain you scraped besides rebranding it and giving it an ifttt network?

48:00 Hey, I keep on running into a frustrating problem when creating my GMB listings… when I add my website, it doesn’t get saved. Instead, the field is replaced by an “Updated” status and at the top of the listing I get a message saying, “We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data.” Do you have any insight into this?

49:00 Also regarding GMB listings… is it recommended to check the box “I deliver goods/services to my customers at their location” for ALL NICHES? I have a few Drug Rehab sites and I’m not sure if that would be relevant.

51:00 Based on your input last week, I removed 2 blogs from my IFTTT networks (I had 10). For the other 3 extra blogs, I could change them to syndicate only post snippets with a Title linking to the blog, 2 paragraphs of content and an attribution link. They would look more like large bookmarks or a blog archive page.

Would these be good to continue to use in that manner or would you still eliminate these completely as well?

If I keep them, should I leave the existing full posts that are already on them or change those to 2 paragraph snippets? Thanks.

53:00 I’m starting a site from scratch. Can you recommend a good plugin or theme that is not bloated and has all the SEO bells and whistles.

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