Video SEO Tutorial Results – INSTANT TRAFFIC

Video SEO Tutorial Results – INSTANT TRAFFIC

On January 19th I started a new video marketing routine designed to rank the home page of for 20 new search terms it was not yet ranking for. Terms like:

New MLM Companies
Top Network Marketing Companies
Fastest Growing MLM Companies

In a nutshell, I did keyword research to determine the best keywords to go after and produced one Youtube video for each keyword.

I used the video “script” as the video description, uploaded them all on YT and linked back to the home page of our lead generation blog.

Then we embedded the video on four authority sites:

Blogger –
BetterNetworker –
MyLeadSystemPro –
Kalatu Blog –

The idea of syndicating the video on high authority sites is to STACK authority links back to the videos to help them rank AND also to link back to the home page of our lead generation blog by STACKING authority links to that page as well.

In both cases, the “authority links” help the page or the video to rank higher on all the major search engines. Yahoo and Bing tend to rank your new content first, then Google follows behind.

An additional benefit to repurposing your content on HIGH TRAFFIC authority sites is you tend to get a lot of “in house” traffic almost immediately, even before the page has a chance to rank on the search engines. How much traffic? As we show in the tutorial videos… it is not uncommon to enjoy HUNDREDS of unique visitors to each piece of content within days.

We then accumulated all the links and syndicated each link through two programs:

SocialAdr –
SpinDistribute –

You can review the video tutorials of the entire process here:

Video SEO Tutorial Part I

Video SEO Tutorial Part II

Video SEO Results Part III

Bless and be blessed,