Using Craigslist for SEO and MLM lead generation | Atlanta, GA

Using Craigslist for SEO and MLM lead generation | Atlanta, GA

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Leads for your network marketing business are necessary for the growth of your business. In order for it to be very effective, it is highly recommended to implement free advertising techniques using a high ranking classified ad site called Craigslist. Why? In case you are not aware, not only do people use Craigslist to look for your offers, they also use the Google too. The power of using Craigslist for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes is that most people are unaware of it that you can literally get your ad easily on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase that you’re targetting.

How Long Does Your Listing Lasts On Craigslist?

About two weeks. So you have the benefit of having the captivating headline of your Craigslist ad dominating the Google search engines for that time period. One thing you must realize that in order for this tactic to work effectively, you must link your Craigslist ad to your landing page that continues the message from where your Craigslist advertisement left off.

In other words, if you are offering an intestinal cleansing product, both the headlines of your Craigslist ad and your landing page must contain keywords that pertain to intestinal cleansing.

Make Sure Your Craigslist Ad Copy Matches Your Landing Page Offer

Nothing is more aggravating to a visitor when they click on your advertisement that takes them to a site about make money selling intestinal cleansing products through a network marketing channel. Your prospect is only interested in cleaning out his colon and not making money. I see many network marketers continue to make this same mistake in their online marketing efforts.

Just remember these important principles. An intestinal cleansing market is completely different from the intestinal cleansing money making market. However, there are many circumstances where the colon cleansing customer could be happy with his or her results that they decide, at the last moment, to take advantage of the money making opportunities associated with herbal colon cleansing.

Remember one thing. These things must be accomplished in steps. Too many network marketers make the mistake of imposing both the intestinal cleansing benefit and the money making opportunity on the prospect. Please do not make the mistake of turning them off. The last thing you want is that your prospect perceives you as a cheesy network marketing salesman.

Shall I advertise the product or the opportunity on Craiglist?

It is highly recommended based on the experience and feedback I got from many successful network marketers that you run two completely separate ads. Remember that these are two different markets. And it is highly recommended that you run different ads in different categories that cover all aspects of your product.

In other words, if your intestinal cleansing product also helps with losing weight in the midsection, create another Craigslist advertisement that supports that fact. Keep this topic separate from the intestinal cleansing ad copy. You will get much better results if you follow this format of ad copy layout.

If you are interested in knowing how to generate FREE leads for your network marketing business, following the link at the end of this video. Input your name, e-mail address, and phone number, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Marco Abanico is an internet network marketer who passionately helps his downline distributors to get prospects for their businesses. He services downline members from Atlanta; Augusta; Marietta; Savannah; and Lawrenceville, Georgia (GA), and anywhere in the globe you can think of.

He is located in the same shopping plaza as Fitness Connection in Carrollton, TX and in the same proximity as 24 Hour Fitness and Lifetime Fitness in far north Dallas.