The #Add10GrowShow #10: Lead Generation For Offline Businesses

The #Add10GrowShow #10: Lead Generation For Offline Businesses

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In this episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes in my wife’s business. I’m gonna talk to you about offline and online businesses.

Hi there and welcome. My name is Casey Gollan. Welcome to episode number ten of the ADD10GROWSHOW. We’ve made overwhelming figures, can you believe it? Aww!

Alright so I’ll give you a bit of a secret here. What’s my goal in doing this ADD10GROWSHOW is to get to one thousand episodes. That’s the goal ‘coz I just want to force myself to video and get what it is that I do out there to help you grow your business.

So join me, subscribe, like, share, tag everyone you can into this episode so we get the word out there about how to grow small businesses big.

So, what’s the topic of this episode? I’d like to show you this. This is my wife’s business. The pilates business she had. She’s gone from, ah, she did part time and then she got serious and took it to one studio to five studios in 14 months.

And got quite a team here nowadays running all of this between 25, maybe 25 to 30 staff, 5 instructors, admin and all the different things.

So when you work with me, you know that I’ve got an online business which is obviously the stuff that I do. And I also work with offline businesses ‘coz I’ve got an offline business in our family but also offline businesses with all the clients as well.

Now I think about my wife as well to get leverage for her business ‘coz she’s got it off predominantly an offline business with five studios and instructors. She’s now rolling out an online platform as well to teach pilates and barre around the world.

So for you, if you’ve got an offline business online is such a great way to generate leads and that’s what this episode’s about. Lead generation for offline businesses.

Basically you’ve got three different areas: online, offline community, lead generation. So let’s go through it.

So online obviously is social and search that’s just broadly put into two areas: social lead generation and search lead generation.

Search lead generation obviously is when people are on the website and they’re gonna Google or Bing or one of those and then they do some searches and they wanna get Adwords and then look into search engine results and they might get a blog and be reading there and then you’ve got your stuff in there to bring you back to your website.

That’s the client strategies for online. So you’ve gotta be a monster on those things.

Now when you’re starting off and you’re going through, you know, if you remember back to my episode on the Add10progression which I believe is that episode number seven. If you remember that, when you get from solo, to manager, to professional, to leader, entrepreneur and then magnate you gonna have, you gotta start off with small strategy and then you gonna expand into bigger strategies.

And what I want you to do is try a strategy, get profitably automated and stack it and then start another strategy.

Get profitably automated and stack it and eventually you will end up with a whole bunch of different strategies generating leads for your business online/offline through community. So that’s the online one.

The offline one for a local business I break it down in three areas: shop, street, suburbs. Alright and then you can go city and national but let’s just go shop, street, suburbs.

So basically what you wanna do for lead generation is start at your shop level. So, for here my wife’s business, she’s on a major therapy, major suburb on a major street. So we’re gonna make sure that her shop signage and all the different things, she has another shop, she has studios. Let’s go to studio.

So we have the signage. And everything around the actual location needs to be good so it attracts people into your business whether it’s great lighting or whether that’s your signage, there’s a whole bunch of different areas.

Then you move down the street. So what’s your street marketing you’re doing? So if people are coming down your street, whether it’s walk-by or whether it’s drive-by, what signage do you have out there?

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