SEO Tool : Social Lead Freak for marketing your Campaign on Facebook

SEO Tool : Social Lead Freak for marketing your Campaign on Facebook

Powerful behaviors including people who’ve made a purchase in the past

Demographics including education level, school, job title, employer

Advanced targets will blow you away – imagine targeting household income above million for your high ticket items

FB made changes to API on April 30,2015. Watch this video for the work around.

IMPORTANT If you bought SLF AFTER May 1,2014 OR if you have not already set up your FB app,
then use the following app id and secret:
app id: 214443252010286
app secret: e66b0786c763f1bb9bf811ec839ec37d

The very next thing you should do is watch this quick start video to get you up and running.
Please make sure you follow the instructions given especially the part where you need to enter app id and secret.
Not doing this properly is the #1 cause of many problems later on, so please get it right, as this will help cut down on support tickets, saving both you and us valuable time.

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Download :

Social Lead Freak 2.8.0.rar

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