SEO is The Way to Go: 5 Key Strategies | Lead generation firm St. Louis

SEO is The Way to Go: 5 Key Strategies | Lead generation firm St. Louis

SEO can feel like a moving target, with constant tweaks and changes to how its analyzed. Our own Elizabeth Hyden offers five tips — tips like a little site maintenance to your website — can improve those SEO results.


Welcome to Abstrakt Marketing Group’s Video Blog. I’m Elizabeth Hyden and today we’re going to discuss five key strategies for improving your website’s SEO.

When improving your website’s SEO, there are many techniques that will change. Google will continue update the way it views websites, but there is one thing that will stay the same — and that’s trust.

With that in mind, consider these five strategies to improve your site’s traffic, ranking and user experience.

The first two strategies for SEO are all about content. Focus on value-added content that engages readers. The other important content strategy is incorporating static homepage copy that is insightful and explains the company and the website.

The third strategy is incorporating your website with social media channels.

Having privacy, policy and terms of use pages within your site is extremely important and, often times, left out.

Finally, incorporate off-site SEO strategies such as guest blogging on important industry sites or reputable online press release submissions.

Well that’s all we have for today. For more SEO tips, make sure you check out our Abstrakt blog or visit us on our social media pages.