Pay Per Lead vs SEO services- How to Choose

Pay Per Lead vs SEO services- How to Choose

This video tells you how to choose a quality pay-per-lead service. Increasingly, businesses are finding lead generation services run by smart, conscientious people are a great alternative to paying a monthly fee of 0 to ,000 to an SEO contractor. Especially if that leadgen service is SEO-savvy, but uses search engine optimization in a way that’s safe for its clients’ websites.

(Click the link at the top of the description to find out how search engines have been cracking down very recently. Penalizing certain black-hat tactics they used to mostly ignore. Learn how SEO contractors have responded to the crackdown. It’s a little scary, when you consider how innocent clients have experienced a slip in their websites’ rankings due to use of these tactics. Actually, they’re lucky, since a website can get delisted altogether.)

It’s also preferable to use a pay-per-lead service that generates qualified leads through a variety of methods. And, If you can find one, it would be great to have a service that sources leads …

1. From searches on Google and other search engines, but also

2. From highly targeted Facebook ads

3. From a Facebook page strategy that isn’t just interactive, but devised to result in high-conversion leads

4. From other social platforms that have recently added ad platforms and other business generating tools. Including Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter’s new card system.

You also want a service that doesn’t bill you for leads you have good reason to dispute. It should record and review the phone calls and emails it sends you before billing you.

For some types of businesses, it’s especially valuable to have a service that doesn’t just passively collect traffic from Google. That’s because while people who type things in the Google search box are actively seeking information about a service, some of them just shopping around.

It’s also nice to find a service that will invest in cultivating individuals until they are ready to buy. And most likely, ready to buy specifically from YOU. Because of all that service has been doing to get them to bond with your business and your brand.

A lead generation service with this kind of marketing mindset could be particularly beneficial for certain types of businesses. Take plastic surgeons, for example. Often their customers are people who really want to make a change. But they simply need more information and exposure to other people’s stories to feel confident about acting upon what they want.

This can also apply to other services that could be called non-essential, but are highly desirable. Such as solar installation and other green home renovations.

Also, when weighing the benefits of an SEO service versus a pay-per-lead service consider this: if the pay-per-lead service has a comprehensive lead-gathering strategy, that alone will get more people visiting your website.

So with the increased traffic, website rankings will get boosted anyway.

It may take some time. But all the while, you’ll be getting high-quality leads generated by well-devised, well-implemented strategies. Where conversion” will mean more than just people filling in forms. Conversion will mean people actually purchasing your services.