Pay-per-Call Advertising | Call (855) 258-7060 | Lead Generation | SEM | SEO

Pay-per-Call Advertising | Call (855) 258-7060 | Lead Generation | SEM | SEO

PayPerCall Elite — (855) 258-7060 —

PayPerCall Elite is a pay per call performance company modeled after search engines Pay Per Click or PPC Model. Instead of paying for fraudulent clicks on your website or Ads, you pay for a live customer call forwarded to your place of business.

We figured most business owners need more leads or prospects CALLING them versus clicking on their site or banner Ads and not taking any action. We created a system where we research and test the best possible methods of getting targeted customers to pick up the phone and call us. We then forward this call to you, and all calls are tracked and recorded.

We ONLY charge you for qualified calls. We have eliminated the risk of business owners having to spending thousands of dollars on complicated and ineffective marketing strategies. WE’VE TESTED AND PERFECTED THE SYSTEM and will forward to you LIVE PHONE CALLS from hungry customers looking for your products and services online.

Hire us and let us generate qualified phone leads for you, while you can concentrate more on providing excellent service to your customers!