Local SEO – Key Essentials for Lead Generation

Local SEO – Key Essentials for Lead Generation


Searching for tips to increase your local SEO leads? Watch this video that depicts info about the essential key elements that helps you generate worthy local leads for your business.

Highlight: Clear & Prominent Call to Action:
Highlight Phone Number, Email & Forms on all the pages, preferably on the header & footer

Lure: Discounts & Coupons:
Discount & Coupons generate a considerable number of leads but this should not be overdone. Special discount for new clients will improve the conversion rate drastically.

Authenticity: Certificates & Trust Seals:
When it comes to online business, TRUST, TRUST and more Trust is needed to convert a visitor into a potential customer. From our experience we have seen a significant increase in leads after displaying trust seals, awards and accolades at client sites.

Engage: Social Media links:
A good number of visitors may have stumbled upon your site but may need your product/service at a later date, so it is important to connect them through your fanpage or twitter account.

Visualize: Videos:

Visitors tend to watch a video compared to content. An engaging video about product or service with a clear call to action is likely to get more details conventional sales copy. Sales copies coupled with videos are likely to get significant number of leads.

Consistency: Header & Footer

Have a consistent header and footer with map listing, call to action, contact information. This enables to capture leads no matter what the landing page is.

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