Local Lead Generation VS Local Client Consulting (2017)

Local Lead Generation VS Local Client Consulting (2017)

Local Lead Generation VS Local Client Consulting in 2017 and beyond https://mymediapal.com/seo/learn-how-to-rank-a-video-in-google-in-2016/


In this video I just explain quickly why I love Lead Generation so much and I really believe so many online marketers miss out on the power of this concept. Now of course you must really be able to get results in order for this type of business to work but it is by far an incredible concept.

I have multiple online businesses and one is Lead Generation. It is a great concept that I like to compare to owning real estate but in the digital space. Basically you use your digital marketing chops to rank, brand and funnel traffic to a website that you own in a specific niche and then partner up with someone in that local niche to buy the leads from you or rent the website.

I also do Local client consulting and although I have made and continue to make thousands and thousands of dollars by helping businesses grow their brand and business to me the better concept is to invest in local lead gen.

Now do not get me wrong you should still charge for web design, SEO, Social media and any other digital marketing strategies that a local business might be interested in but I suggest once you start making some cash to start investing in digital properties that you have complete control over and can turn into money machines.

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