How to Use Video for Lead Generation -Houtsgraphics

How to Use Video for Lead Generation -Houtsgraphics

This video shows how I use YouTube’s video creator to duplicate and optimize videos for local search subscribe to HoutsGraphics blog for more tips

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I saw this technique first in a webinar where they used a video they weren’t able to continue using or use for leads. I took the technique I saw and used it with a more generic video that could easily be used for lead gen.

I create the video with WeVideo but just about any video could be used as long as it’s generic enough. I then use phone number from my call tracker to send the leads to local businesses and get paid per call that lasts more than 10 minutes.

In my first set of ranking these videos I was able to rank 11 out of 15 videos on the first or second page of Google with no links. By optimizing the channel and playlists which I include the video in I was able to get even better results.

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