How to do Lead Generation With Video

How to do Lead Generation With Video

If you love doing lead generation with SEO (search engine optimization) on your website,
raise your hand.


Thought so.

Try this and you’ll not only enjoy it, you’ll make Google very,
very happy.

03:30 Make a Coach Video
04:10 How to Position the Coach Video
04:20 Step 1: Be Your Best Self
04:31 Step 2: Solve a Big Problem
04:42 Step 3: Results in Advance
04:51 Step 4: Raw Materials
05:03 Step 5: Label Your Steps
05:14 Step 6: Post-Video Step
05:29 Step 7: Open the Criteria Package
06:03 Step 8: Call to Action
06:38 Keep it Brief at First
07:39 More Coaching at

There’s a very simple and elegant way to get this done so that you never have to worry about getting slapped by Google. Videos done right are not only attractive to your potential clients, but Google likes them as well.

But to profit from these kinds of videos, they must be set up right for lead generation, or they simply disappear into the ether. That’s something no one wants.

This video will show you not only what to put into these videos, but how to position them to benefit your business as well.

Making Google happy and your potential clients at the same time. This is how to do lead generation right.