How My Facebook Advertising Got 40% Cheaper Leads From My Organic SEO Efforts

How My Facebook Advertising Got 40% Cheaper Leads From My Organic SEO Efforts

Learn the secret to boosting your Facebook Advertising through Google SEO traffic!

As mentioned, you can get the full case study that shows my exact funnel, landing pages, sales pages and advertisements that generated these results through Facebook ads in this case study:

The core concept here is retargeting the organic traffic received from google search results and SEO. There is no special ‘trick’ to facebook retargeting other than having your facebook tracking pixel installed correctly on all your blog posts.

If you don’t have organic SEO traffic from Google, you can leverage a ‘Two Step’ Facebook advertising campaign instead as outlined in this video:

If you are more interested in learning everything you can about Facebook advertising then you will get a ton of value from this video playlist:

This video covers how to advertise on Facebook :

How to target your audiences with the audience insights tool:

This above tool and video may very well be one of the most powerful free advertising tools available, today!

And in that playlist from the top link above you will find even more, including the tracking pixel, the different campaign types, etc.

If you are already comfortable with the facebook advertising side of things, but not getting the cost per lead you desire, I recommend implementing an inbound marketing strategy:

And of course, a successful SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy to get organic traffic from Google:

You see, it is important for you to move forward with your online business in a way that creates a stable base consisting of multiple pillars of web traffic.

If your internet marketing strategy consists of one platform and one web traffic source you are potentially setting yourself up for disaster!

Having multiple streams of traffic allows you to reach a larger audience of different users at different phases of awareness that your potential customers go through… More on that here:

It also secures you against an algorithm change, a large increase in cost per leads or other outside force like getting your account shut down, from totally ruining your online business.

Taking that concept one step further, this video shows how you are able to get your marketing efforts on different platforms to actually work together to help you get a better deal on your leads and customers through facebook advertising.