All the Best SEO Reseller Lead Gen and Sales Tips Are Right Here.

All the Best SEO Reseller Lead Gen and Sales Tips Are Right Here.

There are about a zillion books on how to sell. There are thousands of videos from “sales experts.” There are sales seminars and classes galore. New “sales tips” blogs are posted every single day–usually something like “Five Ways You Can be the Best Salesperson on the Planet, Guaranteed!” Or “Ten Sales Tips that Will Make You Rich.” Who has time to filter through all the fluff and then read and watch and attend everything that may actually be worthwhile? That’s what you have to do to make sure you don’t miss that one piece of information that will make you the best salesperson on the planet–or at least a successful one. Sometimes you really do get a good tip. Sometimes not.

This webinar is one of the ones where you really do get a good tip. Not just one though. More like 100!

Chris, the SEO reseller featured in this webinar, is the very successful owner of a digital marketing firm. He’s read the books, he’s attended the seminars, he’s watched the videos, he’s taken the classes. He’s taken the best lead gen and sales tips from those sources, and many that’s he’s learned through trial and error while selling SEO for more than 20 years, and describes them in this webinar. He produced this webinar to help HubShout SEO resellers and others who white label SEO. The information in the webinar is extremely helpful for those selling white label SEO, but it’s also relevant to anyone in the business of selling anything at all!

Not only does Chris describe the tactics, he describes different scenarios and provides examples of exactly what to say to prospective clients in those different scenarios.

SEO resellers who’ve listened in as Chris describes what he’s done to become such a successful salesman (he and his team have sold SEO and digital marketing services to thousands of clients) say this webinar is “Awesome.” It is! Don’t waste another minute fumbling around, not knowing how to get leads and close sales.

This webinar is part of HubShout’s SEO Reseller Training Series