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albuquerque seo services | albuquerque marketing Albuquerque SEO Services. Get our “Facebook Lead Generation Cheat Sheet” FREE. Whether a small up and coming business or Inc. 500 company, Z420 Marketing Solutions provide a variety of Albuquerque SEO services and Albuquerque marketing that meet your business needs. Services include:
Albuquerque Video Marketing
Video S.E.O.
Social Media Marketing
Social Signals
Content Marketing
Blog Posting
Local S.E.O. services (including Google, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing accounts)
Business Interview Services
Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O. On and Off page)
and plenty more.

Our staff specialize in creating white-hat techniques that increase search engine rankings, targeted lead generation and social media branding.

Below are Albuquerque SEO services and Albuquerque marketing tips to start optimizing your website and videos.

Optimize Your Video

An astounding 53% of search engine consumers will open a video before they click on a link. As technology continues to evolve, videos are becoming important to business owners. A couple things to remember when creating a video for YouTube or any social video platform.

1) Ensure you name the video whatever your keyword is (i.e. Best Dentist in Albuquerque) BEFORE you upload it to YouTube. Why? YouTube treats it as an authentic video if the name of the video is the keyword.

2) Name your YouTube channel the same as your keyword. Why? It provides more juice to your keyword when it ranks on the search engines.

3) Add your YouTube link inside your video description. Why? It’s a quick and simple backlink for your video.
Optimize Your Website with Original Content

To avoid being penalized by the major search engines, be sure to remove any duplicate content. Create authentic and original content. There are great companies to outsource this service to if you don’t’ have time or you’re not an expert. We employ some of the best content writers in the world. Our writers will create custom and weekly new content that will rank your webpages including your website at the top of the search engines. Our keyword research department target keywords that buyers are searching for online. Over a period of time, fresh, weekly content will make you the authority in your niche.
Albuquerque SEO services, Albuquerque marketing

Creating Eye-Catching Heartfelt Commercial!

Did you watch the Super Bowl? The high budget commercials all revolved around family! The beauty of Albuquerque marketing (video) is you can create that same feeling of a super bowl commercial for a fraction of the price with a custom online video. In this technology age, creating a new product takes time and money. We preach to our customers, tell the story behind your business. Tell viewers why they should purchase your services over the competition. How do you accomplish this? By telling a real life true story behind the idea of your business and the hard work and determination it took to reach your level of success. Call us and let us show you how a custom business “interview” video will skyrocket your leads and sales. all the hard work and determination that will distinct you from your competition.

Albuquerque SEO services, Albuquerque marketing

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